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What we love most about La Crosse Promise’s vision is how we ensure opportunity for students' success in the local La Crosse economy after graduation. The organization understands that there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to students’ needs; therefore, they provide various opportunities to students that offer diverse paths to help them make informed decisions about their future after high school. La Crosse Promise aims to foster a purpose-driven life for every student that crosses their path.

La Crosse Promise will economically transform our region, improve our quality of life, and uniquely position the greater La Crosse area as an education-focused community.

La Crosse Promise is working to economically transform our region by positioning the City of La Crosse as an education-focused community. Simply put, we want to maximize the number of students attending college or vocational school upon high school graduation. This not only develops the workforce in our region, but statistics show that education-minded communities experience decreased crime, better health, more stable families, and increased civic participation. Having a goal in life helps us all.